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Hi!  I'm Adam, Affiliate Marketing consultant & former General Manager & SVP of the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network (LinkShare).


I am passionate about the affiliate industry & all things related to performance marketing. I have about 20 years of experience working with Publishers, who I believe are the lifeblood of our ecosystem, true innovators in our space, and shaping the changing e-commerce landscape with tools & technology to provide end users with a better consumer experience.

I spent the first few years of my career at 24/7 Media & on the Publisher side of the business. I then spent 14+ years at Rakuten Marketing (fka LinkShare) and contributed to the management and growth of the business. This included development of the Publisher Network as well as Product Strategy and various strategic partnerships.  Most recently, I ran the Affiliate Marketing business when I was General Manager/SVP, responsible for the US P&L of the channel where I consistently grew an enterprise level business year over year, retained & optimized our customer base, and continued to drive innovation & growth of the overall Affiliate business.

Now I run my own affiliate consulting practice, focused on the Publisher & Technology side of the performance marketing ecosystem. I've worked with a wide variety of Publishers with different models, goals, and objectives to develop & support partnership development, monetization strategies & other initiatives focused on growth of their businesses.

I've worked with and helped many Advertisers & Publishers over the course of my career succeed from the basics of getting started with performance marketing to strategy & optimization of a mature program. I'd be happy to provide my knowledge, expertise, and know how to make your business successful!


I've had the pleasure of working with Adam for many years in a variety of of capacities. First as a strategic partner, and more recently, as a consultant. Adam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, vital to growing and adapting business strategies, to meet ever changing client needs.


As a consultant, Adam identified and evaluated gaps in the market place. With his help, we quickly added those recommendations to our road map.  I would not hesitate to work with him again in any/all capacities.  He is a consummate professional; timely, efficient and strategic.

Craig O’Neill, GM/CRO

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